libGDX Jam!

I have entered my first jam!

The libGDX jam

I’ll be posting in the forums on here.

And on here, mostly duplicates I would imagine.

​Right so, had a thought shower last night and came up with some ideas. Life in Space is a good theme, and with Tim Peake in the news a lot at the moment, I wanted to create something with the ISS in it. I often struggle with creating fully fleshed out ideas so I wanted to get a fair amount sorted up front. A game isn’t really a game until it has play/win/lose states.

So my idea is thus:

The International Space Station is floating through space, constantly orbiting the Earth, in its path is a load of space junk! Your mission is to clear the path for the ISS. Hence:

Space Sweeper

The ISS has a laser cannon mounted on it to clear debris, which you can control with the keyboard.

Also you’ll need to send out intrepid astronauts to collect fuel/power ups/special treats, you’ll control them with the mouse.

If the ISS takes too much damage, or all your astronauts are killed, game over.

Score based, with increasing difficulty levels - more junk!

I’ve created a GitHub repo, but there isn’t much in there yet.

I’ll be using Kotlin and Ashley, so first task is to set up Gradle/IntelliJ for Kotlin compilation, and get a couple basic systems in there. Then I’ll use Inkscape to create some initial mock ups and basic graphics.

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Written on December 20, 2015