All Change

As seems to be the custom with blogs these days, this post is some 8 months since my last.

During that time some things have changed, more have stayed the same:

  • I’ve switched to writing as myself instead of hiding behind the giant corporate banner of Horgenson Media, or House Of Sturgeon. Going forward I’ll still use the House Of Sturgeon name, but in reality it was always just me, on my lonesome…sniff…As part of this I’ll be switching to a single Twitter account, @art_sturgeon, as it’s easier to manage.

  • I’ve switched the website/blog to GitHub Pages from Weebly. Weebly was nice ‘n all but I think I’m better off keeping everything simple and just writing posts in a text editor.

  • I’ve just about finished my second game! More on that in another post. It’s taken a lot longer than expected (as you’d expect), and it morphed slightly at some point into something else, but it’s pretty much ready. So this is the second time I’ve actually seen a project through to the end without jumping onto something else shinier.

Many thanks,


Written on July 25, 2015